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Alexandrians Are Not Responsible for Dewey

A respondent wrote:

« My distillation of the discussion is that Dewey had socialist tendencies, a fault so evil that his endorsement of the AT is not something to be proud of but quite the opposite. »

Tendencies doesn’t describe it, but in any case Dewey developed a complete philosophic system of which Politics is only a part.  These pages provide enough quotes from all his philosophy so readers can judge for themselves whether they want to be associated with it.

Dewey’s endorsement of the Alexander Technique is not something Alexandrians need be ashamed of.  You don’t judge something by its alleged admirers.  You don’t think 2 + 2 = 4 any the less true because a drunken bum says it.  On the other hand you don’t use the bum as a poster boy for the virtues of accounting.

Another comment on the Dewey quotes.  I spend more time on Education and Politics than his other work because these are less abstract, and we can relate to them easily.  And because they illustrate the other branches of his philosophy:  epistemology, metaphysics, ethics  being applications of them.